Friday, October 28, 2016

The Art and Science of Grazing by Sarah Flack

The Art and Science of Grazing is an amazing resource for information on grazing your livestock. Sarah has shared knowledge on sustainably grazing sheep, cows, and goats. When you read the book you began to realize just how much work a farmer has. Even if you only have two dairy aninals you'll soon learn that the amount of work put into sustainable agriculture is not on the little side. The benefits of such hard work pays off in the end. Your pasture will flourish, your livestock will be healthier making you healthier, the ecosystem will praise you, and your pocket will thank you. Good grazing cuts down on the cost of feed meaning your livestock will be able to forage for more of their food. Whereas in a system that doesn't encourage good grazing practices your livestock won't be able to forage as much which in turn will cost you more money in purchasing  supplemental feed. Sarah devotes a page to discussing supplemental feed in Part Three Chapter Seven of her book. She also provides a worksheet in  Appendix A to furthur aid the reader in this area.

 Sarah goes into the details of which plants are best for grazing animals, how far down they should be allowed to graze the plant, andan idea of how long you should allow them to regrow before allowing your livestock to graze in that area again. A good grazing system is very involved. You will definitely know every inch of your pasture. You'll also learn about internal parasites, best kind of fences to use, ideas for water storage within the grazing grounds, and a lot more on plants from photosynthesis to which kind of plants are posinious and toxic. You'll read stories from other farms/farmers that have implanted good grazing systems with great sucess. That doesn't even cover all that you'll learn while reading Sarah's book. It is a goldmine!  Trust me, after reading The Art and Science of Grazing you'll be able to spot issues with pastures you spot while driving down the road. A quick note, this book's applications are only good for mesic (humid) regions not dryland or brittle ecosystem grazing.

 It's a thoroughly detailed book! Extremely scientific, that's for sure! In a way it's a bit repetitive but that repetition just helps the facts stick. I would recommend this to students in agriculture classes, farmers in the making, and even homesteaders. There is a lot to be learned and Sarah has provided that in an easy to read manner. While it is scientific it is not a hard read. The photography is simply stunning. The pictures really help you to see what Sarah is describing in words. There's also 5 appendixes with a field of information and helpful resources located in the back of the book! Sarah definitely went up and beyond the call of duty in regards to grazing!

I recieved a complimentary copy in exchange for an HONEST review.

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