Sunday, September 25, 2016

Born Wild in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park by Henry Holdsworth

Born Wild in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
By Henry Holdsworth

If you are a national park animal lover than this book is for you!!!!   The photography is absolutely beautiful! Henry has captured some of God's most beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Not only does he capture the animal but he also highlights what is going on around the animal at the time which makes you feel as if you are there. With his skills he captures the reflection of the evening light on the water as the trumpeter swan family swims, the speed of two elk calves as they get out of dodge fast, the steam rising from the Yellowstone River as mama and baby bison cross (don't put a bison in your car y'all!),and in my favorite picture Henry takes a beautiful shot of a moose calf in a November blizzard. Now this picture is my favorite because Henry actually catches ths blur of the blizzard!!! Last year, when my family and I relocated to MT, was the first year for me to experience an actual winter. In TX, we'd get maybe a month of winter, a mild one at that, and if we got lucky we'd get an inch of snow that would cause schools to shut down and everybody to wreck in the ditch. Totally different world up here! Last year, TX got maybe three days of winter. Seriously, my friend gardened pretty much year round! My point is, is that while my family and I were headed somewhere it started snowing good, like we can't really see that far in front of us kind of good. I tried to take a picture of this, to send to my relatives back in heat stroke TX, but my phone camera couldn't capture the moment. I couldn't capture the blurriness of a snowstorm but Henry did!!! And it's amazing! The book is full of all kinds of eye goodies from a mama moose kissing her calf to twin grizzly cubs chasing a Raven.

When you hold this book you are holding 79 pages of beauty in your palms! Oh these pictures are beckoning me to go back to the mountains! Henry wasn't the only artist to contribute to the book. There were a couple of other photographers as well. Credit is given where credit is due. The book is in escape to another world; an object that gives you the opportunity to admire a place so vastly different from anywhere else.  I found myself wondering what the bison calf was thinking as it barely escaped from two females head butting each other. The look on it's face is pricelss and comical!

Off to the side of each photo is information about the picture. Each bit of information is educational in a sense; sometimes it is detailed such as teaching that a beaver is the largest in the rodent family and other times it just helps you identify the animal. Born Wild is a beautiful piece of art. My children love it. They sit and stare at the pictures for quite awhile.

I recieved a complimentary copy in exchange for an HONEST review.

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