Monday, September 19, 2016

Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kids by Jerome Pohlen

Albert Einstein and Relativity for Kid
His Life and Ideas with 21 Activities and thought Experiments 
By Jerome Pohlen

Albert Einstein is an interesting fellow. He had a decent childhood being raised by both his mother and father. Einstein's thought experiments were influenced by a book that a friend of the family, Talmud, had given him. Talmud would bring books to Albert on a weekly basis. Albert would devour these books and discuss them with Talmud. Eventually his mathematical genius was to high for the medical student, Talmud, to keep up with. This was the oush that got Einstein started on his adventure so to speak.

The book goes onto tell more about Einstein's life and influences with some of his quotes printed off to the side. A quote of Einstein's that I just love is: That institution left an unforgettable impression on me; the comparison with the six years I spent in a German high school run with an iron fist made me truly understand just how superior is an education based on freedom of choice and self-accountability  over an education that relies on regimentation, external authority, and ambition. 
 An interesting thing about Einstein is that he wrote rhymes to his girl who would later become his wife. These two also had a daughter out of wedlock. In comparison to Newton, Einstein is pretty normal.

Thought experiments and other activities are woven throughout the book. You'll be encouraged to build a house of cards, experiment with compasses and magnets,  and examine the galaxies just to name a few. The layout of the book is set up nicely with an excllent flow of history from beginning to end. It's fairly lengthy with 119 pages. In the back is included a list of websites and places to visit for kids to study and learn more.  It's a great add to a library. Though as always it's  recommended that parents either read ahead or alongside their child. A parents job is to know what their child is learning.

I recieved a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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