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5 Acres & A Dream The Book by Leigh Tate

5 Acres & A Dream The Book
The Challenges of Establishing a Self-Sufficient Homestead
By Leigh Tate
(Doesn't that cover just make your heart stop!!! Loads of eye goodies!)

Have you ever read a book that encouraged and inspired you so much that it was pretty much impossible to put it down? Well Leigh's book, 5 Acres & A Dream, was that kind of book for me. I read it in one weekend. Seriously! I'm the kind of the gal who takes the opportunity to read whenever it is presented no matter how small.
It's time to brown meat, let me read this while staring my meat.
Car ride?! Hold on let me grab my book! I call shotgun!!! But mom you always get shotgun!!!!
Kids staring at the wall? Time for chapter 3!!! OK, I'm not really  that bad all the time. 
But seriously, y'all, I devoured the book!!!

Leigh states in her introduction that her book is neither a "how to" or a "why to" book.It is a book about the journey of two folks, Leigh and her husband Dan.  It's their homesteading diary so to say. Leigh starts off telling you a little about herself, her family, and a few of their adventures. Due to different events in their life, her and her husband Dan (at this point their children are grown) end up dwelling in an urban apartment. Their experience in the apartment confirmed two things for them: One, they didn't like the typical modern lifestyle, and two, they wanted out.
Oh how I can relate to that. At one point we lived in an apartment. NEVER AGAIN!!!! I ended up with a slashed tire. People are loud. My poor neighbors below me had to listen to pitterpPat of all my kiddos feet. The dryer took my money and refused to dry my clothes. Dogs pooped in the "yard" so we had nowhere to play. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

 Anyways, back to the book. Leigh takes you on a virtual tour of the house that they bought and oh my word!!!! The built in bookshelves has this book addict drooling! They almost didn't get their house. I could feel the emotional drainage that Leigh felt when shopping for a homestead. Perhaps,  because, that's the shoes we're in right now. But as the Lord would have it they did get their home and while they knew they were getting a place that needed work, they didn't quite realize how much. Unexpected things popped up, as they are bound to, that changed their whole game plan.

In Chapter 3, Leigh encourages you to set priorities with what you deem most important at the top but do not feel discouraged when things, like the unexpected, cause you a few set backs. She also encourages you to take into account your age. Her and her husband are empty nesters so their priorities will not be the same as yours, or maybe they will. In chapter ,4 she encourages you to take these priorities and to make a master plan  which is a visual aid, to help you accomplish your goals. It also serves as a great reminder as to how much you have achieved  or to compare it years down the road to a new master plan as people and ideas change.

At one point Leigh touches on the hard fact of life and death that inevitability happens, especially on a homestead. She tells a few stories and what they learned along the way. Other things that she covers in her book is alternative energy sources, seeds, water conservation, and lifestyle choices just to name a few.

Her writing style is, well, friendly. It's almost like your sitting down with your own personal mentor enjoying a cup of tea together. I guess the description I am looking for is down to earth.  Her book is encouraging and inspiring. She shares many resources such as books and website that aided her and will hopefully help you. At the back of the book she shares a formula that will assist you in being self reliant in regards to feeding your livestock. My only complaint is that her pictures are black and white, though I understand this cuts the cost on printing, making the book cheaper for you.  All and all I enjoyed it and am happy to having it sitting on my shelf.

You can check out Leigh's blog and see what adventures her and Dan are on right now by clicking here. 
Check out her website, here, to see other works published by her.

I recieved a complimentary copy in exchange for an HONEST review.

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